Thursday, February 11, 2016

Increase Your Profits by Reducing Your Inventory Carrying Costs

What is the GPS Inventory Bank?
It’s not JUST Inventory Management.
And, one of the easiest ways to increase your profits is to reduce your inventory carrying costs.
At GPS Inventory Solutions, we focus on significantly reducing or completely eliminating your costs of carrying excess and slow moving inventory WITHOUT impacting your customer service or sales.
Many companies like yours use our proven Inventory Bank programs daily to manage their slower moving inventory for several reasons.  Some want (or need) to get the inventory off of their books, but also realize that they need to retain item availability so they can continue to provide long term product support to their customers.
Some need additional warehouse space and find that sending their slower moving parts to one of our Inventory Bank programs frees up the space needed. Plus, once again, they still have access to these parts to continue providing high level customer service.
Others are just trying to reduce brick and mortar warehouse and overhead costs. By using our Inventory Bank programs, they are able to reduce their space requirements, or even completely vacate a facility.
Even companies that are using a 3PL for their warehousing and distribution functions have realized that they only transferred their costly slow moving inventory to a third party – they didn’t solve the problem or eliminate its cost to maintain it.   
Our programs are based upon the 80/20 principle. We target the bottom 60% of a typical inventory that usually provides only 5% of the total annual activity. While this inventory has little activity, it still incurs 60% of your overall carrying costs, and eats away at the profits of your active inventory!
In a brief meeting we can demonstrate why using our Inventory Bank programs for managing your slow moving inventory is so important for your long term customer service, sales, and operating profits.
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