Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Reducing inventory carrying costs on slow moving inventory is the fastest way to increase your profits!

Did you know that the top 40% of an average inventory accounts for almost 95% of your sales activity?  But, the bottom 60% of this same inventory accounts for only about 5% of your sales activity?

With inventory carrying costs averaging about 25% annually, it costs a lot to carry this 60% just to get 5% sales! Plus, these costs eat away at your profits from the top 40% and your bottom line.

However, there is still value in this bottom 60%.  Over 50% of these items will have activity over the next 10 years.  Due to the random usage of the items, you just don’t know which ones will be needed or when they will be needed.

Using our GPS Inventory Bank programs will eliminate as much of your inventory carrying costs as possible while keeping this slow moving inventory available for future customer service needs.  Visit us at or call (800) 896-0477 for more information.

Remember: Reduce Inventory to improve cash flows and ultimately increase your profits!